What Do You Do After a 30-Year Career? Stop?  


Most people when they reach the end of a career, at least in terms of the traditional 30 years of commitment, focus immediately on retirement. They might take on a hobby, go traveling, start taking care of grandchildren or even go into local politics as an elected official. Probably less than 10 percent want to stay in the same career and keep working, generally having concluded they are completely done and there’s nothing more they can do in that field. Then, there are exceptions. Ann Flagella is one of them.

Ann Flagella is a bit of an institution in her line of work. After almost three decades of working as both a talent manager as well as a tour manager, she could practically teach a college major program how to be an administrator in the entertainment business, whether it’s on the music side, movies, or television. However, one has to ask whether it’s time for anyone to begin another chapter after almost 30 years in the same line of work. Fortunately, Ann Flagella never got that memo when it was sent out.

The fact is, Ann likes her work; it’s more than a job and every project involves making a difference in one project or another in the entertainment field. No surprise, the dedication she puts into every assignment bleeds out automatically into her interactions. Her clients repeatedly come back as a result. Yes, it’s quite possible for Flagella to hang up her proverbial hat and move on to something new, but why would she? She’s doing what she loves the most.

So, while some folks are thinking about whether they should go to Yosemite or the next boat cruise trip down to the Caribbean, Ann Flagella is already working on her next client’s tour or release package campaign. Everyone that comes to the culmination is another chapter in her accomplishment book, and Ann Flagella isn’t about to write the last chapter anytime soon. There’s just too much more to get done, and she’s right at the front of it.