Build Equity: Grow Your Retirement Portfolio with Christopher Letendre 


When saving for retirement, experienced financial advisors like Christopher Letendre help people make solid investment decisions. The goal is to help clients build their portfolios and make investments that allow them to support their preferred lifestyle over a determined period. Let’s explore how you can reach your financial retirement goals.

Why Professional Guidance is Critical to Retirement Plans

As you approach retirement, you might be re-evaluating your financial situation. In many cases, it is necessary to make adjustments in spending along with exploring alternative investments to boost your portfolio’s potential and existing value sooner rather than later.

Being proactive in making sure that you can meet future expense targets is pivotal. If you don’t feel like your initial financial plan will be sustainable later in retirement, consulting with an investment adviser representative is a sound move. After all, there’s more to a successful retirement plan than simply making investments.

Solid Financial Plans Involve More Than Just Investing

While investing is a key element to establishing a successful retirement portfolio, other variables should be integrated with other fundamentals of financial success, including:

  • Invest
  • Spend
  • Borrow
  • Manage
  • Protect

These five practices are part of an active wealth framework. The process involves reviewing how investments are allocated, spending levels, tax management, and using various borrowing and asset protection strategies.

A skilled retirement investment strategist helps clients understand the correlation between these fundamentals and assists them in making smart retirement decisions. They can help you review anticipated investment and retirement income, as well as estimate how long those funds will last after factoring in expenses, taxes, and contingencies like medical or long-term care.

With the guidance of Chris Letendre, planning your retirement can be an opportunity to understand the potential outcomes of your financial decisions. As an advisor with more than 20 years of experience, he will make you aware of up-and-coming investment opportunities and potential tax benefits to maximize during the course of your retirement.

Receive Experienced Retirement Advice: Introducing Chris Letendre

Christ Letendre is a licensed professional in the financial and securities advisory business with decades of experience. As the president of Cape Retirement Wealth Advisors, he and his colleagues share their knowledge to help you focus on the active wealth framework for a comfortable retirement.

Mr. Letendre’s goal is to assist every client with a personalized retirement plan that focuses on realistic retirement strategies that minimize financial worries during retirement. The ultimate goal is to create a retirement income that you can’t outlive, so you can rest easy knowing that your long-term expenses can feasibly be secured with key investment approaches.

Christopher Letendre is highly communicative with those who are seeking retirement guidance. As an independent investment advisor of Brookstone Capital Management, he customizes plans for clients at zero cost that are tailored for their objectives and goals. He offers “early warning” services that will give you notice should your financial investments be affected by current and projected market conditions.

In addition to income planning and asset management, he is skilled at navigating the complexities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He can also work closely with you to plan any estate dealings and legacy arrangements. If this solid support sounds good, let Chris Letendre put your plan into action. Contact Chris online at Cape Retirement Wealth Advisors to set up a consultation today.