Karen Swanson and the Importance of Community Involvement

Karen Swanson believes in giving back to your community, understanding that getting involved is the best way to stay connected with others. She is dedicated to educating others and is an award-winning educator and administrator with over 30 years of experience. Her community is important to her, and she is always looking for opportunities to get to know others.

Karen Swanson spent 11 years, from 2009 to 2020, as the Chairperson for Iowa Tech Prep Coordinators, leading other educators by example. In this role, she was able to coordinate a group of community college coordinators at the state level. This group works with high school students and technical preparation programs to further their education to pursue careers in the field.

Swanson is a leader, and when she gets involved in any organization, she ends up taking a role as an officer. She volunteered in the Iowa Association of Career and Technical Education, which is designed to help prepare individuals for careers in the field.

Karen Swanson knows that staying connected with others builds a strong network of support within any field. She understands the importance of teaching people to go for their dreams, no matter what age they are. With the right network, it is possible for people to succeed in the field of their choice.

By giving back to their community, Karen Swanson is able to share her skills, and offer advice to those just starting out in their career. She is a lifetime educator, and mentor, and is willing to help others who are ready to make a career change.

Connection to others is essential for success in competitive industries, and Karen Swanson believes in building a strong network of connectivity. With her guidance, many students have moved on to successful careers. As a person who is always optimistic, Karen Swanson is a strong influence on others and helps people find their talents.