Advantages of buying real estate in California

Property owners in the state have numerous options to see excellent returns on their investments! From stocks to bonds to bitcoin, investments come in different forms and sizes. But, regardless of the type of investment, investors want something that provides them with security, regular dividends, and a higher-than-average return on their money. Jamell Tousant says real estate is one type of investment that checks all of these boxes. Investing in real estate provides you with a buffer against economic downturns. Property is a solid source of passive income and has the potential to appreciate; thus, it also provides regular earnings in the form of rent. You must spend your resources in the right market if you want to gain the full benefits of property investing. Many investors have been drawn to the California real estate market over the years, and Oakland Realtor, Jamell Tousant, will explain why. 

Factors Affecting the Real Estate Market in California- The following are some of the most important factors that have a big impact on California real estate:

  • A thriving economy

The total number of Fortune 500 firms is based in California. Oracle, Disney, Apple, Intel, and Google are among the notable mentions. According to Jamell Tousant, these businesses will undoubtedly expand as a result of the growing demand for their services from both the local and international communities. If you want to invest in a region with a thriving economy and job market, this is one to consider. Low unemployment rates benefit you as a landlord since you can rest assured that your tenants will be able to satisfy their rental obligations without difficulty.

  • Property is in high demand.

Professionals are moving into the state daily to take advantage of the abundant career opportunities. Jamell Tousant explains that this means there will be a larger pool of potential tenants to pick from.

  • Tourism Market Is Strong

Even if you’re an out-of-state investor, you’ll enjoy the views, attractions, and activities that California has to offer. You may have even visited with your family in the past. This is just another compelling incentive to invest in California real estate now that you’ve decided to do so. California attracts millions of visitors each year thanks to its amusement parks, entertainment hubs, beaches, and other interesting activities. While they may be arriving for various reasons, they all have one thing in common: the need for lodging. In order to save money, more tourists are opting for short-term vacation rental homes rather than typical hotels. You can always choose to invest in a market with a constant supply of short-term renters instead of leasing out your property traditionally. You can also choose from a variety of apps and platforms on the market, such as Airbnb,, and Expedia, to mention a few.

  • Property Taxes That Aren’t Too Expensive

Property ownership and leasing are similar to running a business, explains Jamell Tousant. Cash flow, revenue, and expenses must all be closely monitored. This implies that you must also pay taxes and keep meticulous financial records.

Although California’s property taxes are not the lowest in the country, they are modest when compared to other states such as Washington and New Jersey. As a landlord, this can help you increase your cash flow!

How to Prepare for a Stock Market Crash

There’s been a lot of recent buzz surrounding predictions of an impending stock market crash. Spring, TX financial advisor Arkhat Zhumadilov agrees with the prognostications. Inflation, supply shortages, the war in Ukraine, the unrest here in America… all of these things can lead to a crash.

The stock market runs in cycles and crashes will always be a part of the cycle. It’s not a matter of if the market will crash again, but when. It sounds scary, but Zhumadilov shared tips on how investors can prepare.

Save Your Money Now

This will always be good advice concerning any financial matter, but a crash can lead to layoffs, and it’s a good idea to have emergency savings that are separate from your retirement fund. 

If you don’t already have it, Arkhat Zhumadilov advises residents of Montgomery County, TX to set a goal of saving enough to cover a 6-month bout of unemployment. 

Reassess Your Investments

“In the face of a stock market crash, most people’s first thought is to sell immediately,” says Arkhat Zhumadilov, “but don’t let fear make financial decisions for you! Take the time to reassess your investments thoughtfully.” 

Think about the reasons you chose an investment and the reasons for the current state of the economy. If you have stock in a company you didn’t research well back when you first invested, then that may be a good option to reconsider. But if you believe in a company’s future, stick to your plan. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Diversify Wisely

The more variety you have in your stock portfolio, the less any individual investment can drag it down. But that doesn’t only mean a lot of different stocks. One thing most portfolios are short on is bonds. Aim for a ratio of about 60% stocks, and 40% bonds.

“Keep in mind that diversity doesn’t only mean different companies,” added Zhumadilov. “But companies that you’ve chosen based on a variety of market trends.” A bunch of different tech startups is not truly shoring up your portfolio with diversity.

Work with a Trusted Financial Advisor

There just are not enough hours in the day for every person to become a finance wiz. Much like we have doctors to advise us on maintaining our health, an expert financial advisor can guide you through making important decisions with your money. 

Arkhat Zhumadilov’s office in The Woodlands, TX coaches hundreds of clients each week on how to prepare for and survive market crashes. He shared some final advice for when the next crash inevitably comes:

“Make note of how you stuck to or strayed from your game plan during the crash. Every crash may be different, but you can learn from what you did well, and what you can do as a savvy investor to better meet a crash when the next one comes around.”

Shantele Marcum on the Top Five Trends in Influencer Marketing

The top trends in influencer marketing for 2022. Shantele Marcum, a RE/MAX Platinum Realtor in Sarasota, Florida, wants influencers to know the top five trends in influencer marketing they can leverage to increase brand exposure, increase engagement, and remain at the forefront of social media.

Content Creation is Easier with Social Media Platforms

Instagram invests heavily in tools that enable collaborations between brands and influencers. Instagram Stories, for example, are now available to everyone, regardless of follower count. The “Collabs” feature and “Add Yours” stickers make it easy for content creators to generate traffic, engage with users, and collaborate with brands.

Through a combination of stories, reels, and posts, brands can help people move through the sales funnel.

Marketing TikTok Influencers is More Effective than Ever

TikTok is continuing to grow, surpassing 1 billion monthly users. And like him or not, Elon Musk has done plenty to drive the TikTok conversation even more.

This was due to the influencers’ clever and creative content. A 2021 survey of influencers found that 81 percent of TikTok’s influencers have higher engagement on TikTok than on their other social media platforms. This is a motivating factor for both brands and influencers.

Social networks have a variety of monetization tools that can be used to diversify income streams for influencers. For example, virtual tipping is a popular tool across social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube. It allows community members to reward and support their favorite creators.

Social Commerce Driven by Influencers Will Boom

People trust the recommendations of those they trust before purchasing. And people they trust online are becoming more influential and content creators.

Both TikTok and Instagram are hotspots for shopper research. Over 80 percent of shoppers use Instagram for product research, while the TikTok hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is viewed billions of times.

Social platforms are looking to increase their share of the market as shoppers shift to online shopping after the pandemic. They have invested in tools, such as TikTok’s partnership with Shopify and Instagram’s new native affiliate tools.

More Influencers in More Areas and Niches

Are you worried that your brand is too niche or old-fashioned to collaborate with social media influencers on behalf of your brand? You might be wrong! No matter what your business area, there is an influencer or platform that will suit you. They can reach the audience that interests you most.

Content creators and influencers don’t have to be well known. However, they must have the expertise, credibility, and likability to being successful in their niche.

LinkedIn launched new creator mode profiles, allowing business professionals to create specialized content and grow a following.

More Cautious about Partnerships for Influencers

Shantele Marcum understands the influencer marketing market is maturing. Influencers now have more options to make money and provide support for themselves, thanks to the development of resource platforms. This allows them to be more selective in choosing brands to work for so that they can maintain their followers’ support and goodwill.

Shantele Marcum has a background in sales, marketing, and promotion and has worked in the hospitality, retail, and health and fitness industries.

Kevin Mulleady: What Makes a Successful Startup Leader?  

Startups and Leadership: Kevin Mulleady on How Small Businesses Can Grow and Evolve

When it comes to leadership styles, there are as many out there as there are successful leaders. With so many different perspectives (all of which might seem to have some validity), it would be easy to get confused if you’re trying to track down the correct answer. Kevin Mulleady has founded and co-founded many successful companies by this point, and he’s learned a lot about how startup leaders should (and shouldn’t) be operating. He weighs in on how to develop your style — even if you’re starting from Square One.

Relinquish Your Doubts

The leader has an intense amount of responsibility. While most people see the perks of leadership, like having people answer to you and having control, what they don’t always see are the downsides. Leaders are expected to make endless decisions, and if they make a mistake, their head is often on the proverbial chopping block.

Despite this, there’s no reason why a leader should let this prevent them from trying. Mulleady says that while not everyone wants to be a leader, everyone can be a leader under the right circumstances. 

So even people who begin their companies without any real leadership experience should start with some degree of confidence that they can learn what they don’t know. This doesn’t mean that the leader is always right (in fact, far from it), but it does mean that all successful leaders have to have some faith in their abilities to know which direction to go.

Prepare for Change

Kevin Mulleady has always stressed that leaders need to be ready to evolve when needed. Startups too stuck in their ways will often fall prey to more flexible competitors. If you don’t start with a premise of change, it will be difficult for anyone to pivot if and when the time comes. Leaders set the tone for the organization, even when they don’t realize it.

If the startup leader is sticking with a plan that doesn’t work, it can give people the impression that there’s no room for the company, or by extension, themselves, to grow. If a startup leader instead informs their team that change is inevitable and it’s everyone’s job to manage it as effectively as they can, it gives startups a little more freedom to move around in their market and come out ahead.

Kevin Mulleady on Giving People a Reason

Even before the pandemic, people searched for more meaning in their careers. This didn’t mean that they’d dismissed the importance of salary or benefits packages, but it did mean that they wanted to make a difference if they were going to give up their precious time. Kevin Mulleady works in biotech, among other sectors, so it’s been relatively easy to convince people that they’re doing something worthwhile with all those hours they logged.

However, he says that all leaders can rally their employees and/or customers if they look at the situation correctly. No matter your industry, you’re providing value to your target demographic. So whether you’re offering a new software program or a life-saving therapeutic, there’s something to be gained. Centering around a cause helps people focus on their work, which can lead to much bigger margins in the future.

The art of leadership will ultimately be different for everyone. Mulleady has seen how even the most promising startups can crash and burn and how the pressure and stakes can take down people who start with the best intentions. There is no magic formula (unfortunately), but there are ways to set a few core standards so a leader can strive to live up to them every day. From evolving to rallying to believing, startup leaders must develop a style that they can live with day in and day out. Sometimes, it’s as easy as a slight shift in mindset.

The Importance of Project Strategy, Resourcing, and Management for Life Sciences

With more than three decades of experience in supporting financial and strategic transactions for both privately and publicly held companies in the life sciences industry, former CFO, David Johnston, is explaining the importance of the role of a chief project officer (CPO) when it comes to project strategy, resourcing, and management for life sciences.

According to David Johnston, about 80 percent of the resources of a variety of organizations and companies were dedicated to operating expenses and only 20 percent to projects, but in today’s world of business, it is done in the reverse. This has created a growing need for what is being referred to as a chief project officer. The role of a CPO is to oversee and help create all of these individual projects and report directly to the CEO of each organization or company. It is also the person’s role as the CPO to create an atmosphere within the organization or company to adopt a project-driven structure and to also facilitate a collaborative style culture throughout the entire organization or company. The person must also develop ways to ensure that employees throughout the company or organization know and understand how to create these projects and see them through until they are complete.

Besides providing direct sponsorship of individual projects, David Johnston said the CPO’s main responsibility is to work with the entire senior executive staff of each company or organization to develop and facilitate the company’s strategies into projects as well as initiatives and programs. The CPO also ensures that the projects are appropriate for each person or group and prioritized and resourced correctly based on the strategic goals of the organization or company in which they work, which includes the field of life sciences. The CPO should also be promoting a less is more kind of attitude to be able to add new strategic projects along the way while freeing up the resources needed as well as the capacity of time for people to complete the projects.

David Johnston also touts establishing accountability and governance as two important characteristics for the people working on individual projects to ensure they are completed correctly and to the best of each person’s ability. He also points out that many organizations launch more projects than they can possibly complete, which can harm employees’ performance levels and their interest in the projects since they will feel overwhelmed due to ineffective resource allocation. Project managers and executive sponsors need to focus on allowing sufficient time for each person to carry out the project successfully and to stop any projects that are not important to the overall business or organization.

David Johnston said that with all of these priorities in place, a chief project officer can help propel a business or organization to much higher levels while providing employees with the satisfaction of creating and completing important projects that make a difference overall.

Blazo Gjorev

Blazo Gjorev’s career in transportation illustrates the need for strategic thinking in a tough economy  

Blazo Gjorev’s work shows the value of reassessing when economic times or industry changes require change.

NAPLES, FLORIDA, May 28, 2022 — In an economic downturn, the transportation industry is often hit by multiple challenges in quick succession, and how these challenges are responded to help determines which businesses will survive and which will fall. Industry leader Blazo Gjorev has experienced many unique challenges during his career, and this career illustrates the need for critical, growth-minded thinking when facing complex issues.

Blazo Gjorev’s career and rebuilding

For many companies, tough economic times require a reassessment of an entire enterprise, and Gjorev experienced this first-hand after acquiring a highly respected refrigerated transportation firm in the late 2000s. The business was previously experiencing financial difficulties, and an economic downturn was in progress nationally. Through strategic restructuring and learnings, the company was brought back from the brink of ruin with restored financials and its 50-year reputation intact. After the successful rehabilitation, the company was sold to another refrigerated trucking firm.

Gjorev helped effect this turnaround in an economic time, not unlike the present. Fuel costs were up, consumer prices spiked, and the market was still responding to a massive financial crisis. The keys to successful response have not changed and remain best practices in both market dips and upswings.

Plan ahead

While the U.S. economy is facing unique challenges in 2022 due to a variety of factors and requires immediate action by many companies, successful trucking firms were planning ahead for market changes prior to the problems developing. How? By staying focused on efficiency and identifying areas where the business can maintain profitability in a variety of economic situations.

Blazo Gjorev has always maintained a focus on optimizing logistics. When a company is operating as efficiently as possible heading into a recession or downturn, it is in a better position to survive and potentially thrive. It is also capable of reevaluating positions and options more quickly as basics, such as personnel, supply chain, and routing, are already streamlined.


Transportation companies with a diversified income stream are better able to respond and maintain revenue in an economic shift. Diversity can look like expanding into varied regions, acquiring firms already operating in different areas, or exploring new services. Blazo Gjorev’s transition from temporary truck driver to business owner to consulting with other companies illustrates the importance of maximizing opportunities for growth.


While it may seem the opposite of diversifying, consolidation is actually an exercise in maximizing access and prices through combined buying power and shared learnings.

In his consulting role, Blazo Gjorev helps a variety of smaller trucking firms improve buying power, access to technology, and benefit from operational knowledge that helps enterprises scale. Through consolidation or participation in a network, transportation businesses are often able to reduce costs above and beyond what was possible independently. When costs are rising overall, increased savings helps mitigate the impact.

Benefits of professional cleaning services

Does anyone like to meditate on the dirty floor where flies are hovering? Of course not, no one likes their home filthy. But the point is that we love cleaning our homes all the time. Even though we put in our extra efforts, it still did not shine like new. Why not leave it to the professionals instead of getting out the buckets, brushes, mops, and special cleaning products? Many advantages are there if you get a professional cleaning service for your home. For example, visit Bond Cleaning. To make your life easier, let us know about the advantages of hiring expert cleaners.

1. Clean air in the home

All of us prefer healthy and clean air to breathe. However, despite our knowledge, there are a great number of allergies, dust, dirt, and various infectious particles that may enter through your air conditioner. Professional cleaning services help in achieving the best quality of tidiness at the home. The dust and dirt get attached to the home’s carpets, mats, rugs, curtains, etc. To avoid buildup, these must be cleaned regularly, eliminating embedded dirt and dust, as well as deep stains in the fibers.

2. Unwind and enjoy

People are crazy to get themselves a clean home but is it a good utilization of time? Use the time you save by enlisting the help of a professional team for your creative efforts, education, family time, or simply resting. When the crew takes care of your home cleaning needs, you can spend the time saved doing whatever you want – even just sitting, reading, or binge-watching your favorite shows in an immaculate home – while appreciating the fact that it all happened without you having to lift a finger.

3. Long-Term Investments

Furniturebegins to deteriorate if they are not deep cleaned regularly using professional equipment and processes. The fiber inside luxury fabrics gets loosened up and may get rough in their finishing. Cleaning these valuable things regularly might assist in ensuring their longevity. Call the staff to properly extract all impurities and restore your things to prevent natural deterioration of fibers and surfaces. The carpet cleaning equipment, which is placed on a truck, gives genuinely exceptional results.

4. Perfect tools for the right task

The tools and products you use don’t work as well as the professional cleaning instruments used by cleaners, no matter how hard you scrub or mop. Rather than spending hours scrubbing stains out of grout and tile, we can restore grout and tile—as well as other surfaces such as granite, stone, and cement. The tools and methods are truly industry-leading.

5. It helps you save time.

It’s all about living a good life so people love to earn more amount of money. Tile and grout repair, stone cleaning, carpet cleaning, drape, and blind cleaning, and air duct cleaning are some of the additional services you will require over time. This can be saved by hiring a professional cleaning service.

Therefore, these are some of the best benefits of professional cleaning services.

Wellman Shew Explains How Compassion International Helps Those In Need

Giving Back: Why Wellman Shew Is A Dedicated Supporter Of Compassion International

Wellman Shew believes in supporting those in need and is proud to support Compassion International. The worldwide charity works to help children in poverty get the spiritual, physical, economic, and social care that they need to help them reach their full potential. 

Compassion International’s Current Work

The organization works with churches to help children in communities in need. Compassion International takes a holistic approach, addressing all facets of a child’s well-being to help them grow and develop in a healthy way. Sometimes, a child’s involvement with CI begins before they’re even born and follows them into young adulthood. 

CI believes in providing for the needs of each child as an individual rather than taking a wide-sweeping approach. This individualized attention means that CI is able to change their approach as each child’s needs change, helping them grow and change over the full course of their development into an adult. Compassion International offers several initiatives designed to support children, including critical needs care, child sponsorship, youth development, and compassion survival.

Critical Needs

The critical needs initiative at CI works to solve immediate issues for children in crisis, according to Wellman Shew. The critical needs initiative addresses many issues faced by children in poverty, including help with pressing medical issues, access to clean drinking water, prenatal and postnatal care, customized career training, care for children living with HIV and/or AIDS, relief during natural disasters, education and parenting classes, and more. 

Child Sponsorship

Most of Compassion International’s aid is driven through child sponsorship. When a donor chooses to sponsor a child, the child receives Christian training, health care, nutritional supplements, recreational activities, and more. Sponsors have the opportunity to connect with their sponsored children through letter writing. 

Youth Development

Compassion International provides children ages 12 and older with vocational training that allows them to thrive in their chosen career paths. Students receive both formal and non-formal education, as well as income generation training to help them learn how to effectively manage their earnings during their careers, according to Wellman Shew.

Compassion Survival

Often, infants born into poverty do not make it through the first year of life. Compassion International works to support both babies and mothers in the early stages of the child’s life. Pregnant mothers receive nutritional support and medical care to help increase the likelihood that their babies will be born full-term and at a healthy weight. Survival centers work to offer mothers a safe place where they can rest and grow while also providing children with the support they need for healthy development. Moms receiving care through the compassion survival initiative are visited in their homes once each month by a specialist who provides Biblical mentoring, prenatal education, and parenting education.

Cory Carnley helps identify which cigar humidor is right for you

Cory Carnley takes a closer look at cigar humidors and which one is needed based on consumer preferences.

June 6, 2022 — Cory Carnley is a certified tobacconist with an appreciation for a good cigar and the proper care of a collection. When many are first starting with a cigar hobby, a common question that pops up is how to choose a humidor.

With a vast array of options available, Cory Carnley reports the average consumer will want to assess individual smoking habits as well as budget, commitment to the art of collecting, and the overall environment of a smoking room.

Cory Carnley reviews humidor basics


For the cigar lover, a collection is always evolving, but many have a firm idea of how many cigars are kept on hand at any one time based on smoking habits and purchase history. When planning to purchase a first or new humidor, Carnley recommends sizing up.

Ideal cigar storage means leaving room for airflow in the humidor, so consider approximately doubling the capacity of a humidor over the number of cigars. For example, for the smoker who wants to keep 50 cigars — roughly — at all times, look for a 100-cigar unit. If a manufacturer does not specify the cigar capacity, a rule of thumb is that 100 cigars can be stored in 700 cubic inches.

Smoking habits

For different cigar types, it may be necessary to have multiple humidors or a humidor with separate storage areas to keep more powerful flavors from overwhelming their milder relatives. A tight seal for the entire humidor and between areas is also necessary to maintain quality.


For the cigar collection that includes exclusive options that improve with age and keen storage, ensuring proper humidity levels long-term is important, so investing in a box with built-in humidifiers and external monitoring options helps limit the number of times the box needs to be opened to smoking sessions. According to Cory Carnley, many options feature humidity and temperature monitoring dials on the outside versus the inside lid, and these are great for more exclusive blends.


How a smoker enjoys cigars is also important for determining the best storage options. Many cigar humidors are – to some degree –  portable due to their size, but specific options are designed for travel or portability. When cigars are enjoyed at a smoking club or a rotating house party, consider investing in a travel humidor that looks sharp on the desk with a small selection of favorites and is easily carried to the next lounge setting.

Deluxe care

True aficionados may also appreciate the added ambiance of a statement piece with a glass top for viewing, exclusive finishes, digital monitoring, and additional storage for key accessories, such as a cigar cutter and lighter. Cory Carnley advises the sky is really the limit for higher-end humidors with many larger options offering the chic, streamlined appearance of wine coolers and high-end storage centers. There is always the option to start small and work up to more exclusive offerings as a personal cigar collection grows.

Lori Nazemetz Discusses Home Decor

As someone who is well-known for having a beautifully designed home, Lori Nazemetz knows a thing or two about decorating rooms. Many people enjoy home design and decor because it enables them to turn their homes into spaces that they can be proud of. Here are some small things that almost anyone can do to improve the state of their home. 

Paint Walls

If you have the time and means to do so, painting your walls can give a room a completely different ambiance. Dark blue and green colors are suitable for bedrooms since they convey a sense of calm and serenity. Bright yellow shades are often used in kitchens because they are cheerful and increase appetite.

If you do not have the time to paint the walls of an entire room, consider painting certain sections, such as door frames and window sills, or painting one wall an accent color. You can also give some color to pieces of furniture for roughly the same effect. 

Rearrange Furniture

You can rearrange your existing furniture to make a space seem larger and more open or smaller and cozier, according to your wishes. One common mistake people make is setting all of their furniture against the walls. There are many more creative ways to place items in a room that are more appealing than lining the pieces up against a wall. For example, having a bed at a diagonal angle when you walk into a bedroom gives the room a cozy and intimate vibe. 

Use Your Outdoor Space

Remember to utilize any outdoor space that you have when thinking about home design and decor. Lori Nazemetz might suggest putting plants on the back porch or installing a flower garden. A garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but provides light physical activity to those maintaining the space. If you do not have a green thumb, there are additional ways to upgrade your yard, such as by:

  • Installing lights along a path leading to your front or back door
  • Putting up a fence for aesthetic or privacy reasons
  • Laying down stones or bricks to serve as a walkway throughout the yard 

If you enjoy spending time outside, redecorating your yard is something to consider. 

If you wish to redecorate your home, think about starting with one or more of these three things. 

Lori Nazemetz Bio

Lori Nazemetz enjoys spending time in her wonderful home with her family and helping her children pursue healthy lifestyles. As part of her mission to bring physical fitness to others, Lori Nazemetz established Dragon Fighting System, an organization that helps people learn the valuable skill of martial arts. Lori, a former NFL cheerleader, now assists with numerous volunteer organizations, including the Special Olympics and Bags of Hope.