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What Do You Do After a 30-Year Career? Stop?  


Most people when they reach the end of a career, at least in terms of the traditional 30 years of commitment, focus immediately on retirement. They might take on a hobby, go traveling, start taking care of grandchildren or even go into local politics as an elected official. Probably less than 10 percent want to stay in the same career and keep working, generally having concluded they are completely done and there’s nothing more they can do in that field. Then, there are exceptions. Ann Flagella is one of them.

Ann Flagella is a bit of an institution in her line of work. After almost three decades of working as both a talent manager as well as a tour manager, she could practically teach a college major program how to be an administrator in the entertainment business, whether it’s on the music side, movies, or television. However, one has to ask whether it’s time for anyone to begin another chapter after almost 30 years in the same line of work. Fortunately, Ann Flagella never got that memo when it was sent out.

The fact is, Ann likes her work; it’s more than a job and every project involves making a difference in one project or another in the entertainment field. No surprise, the dedication she puts into every assignment bleeds out automatically into her interactions. Her clients repeatedly come back as a result. Yes, it’s quite possible for Flagella to hang up her proverbial hat and move on to something new, but why would she? She’s doing what she loves the most.

So, while some folks are thinking about whether they should go to Yosemite or the next boat cruise trip down to the Caribbean, Ann Flagella is already working on her next client’s tour or release package campaign. Everyone that comes to the culmination is another chapter in her accomplishment book, and Ann Flagella isn’t about to write the last chapter anytime soon. There’s just too much more to get done, and she’s right at the front of it.

How to choose an institute for the best hair stylist courses

Choosing a training facility that can assist you in achieving your career goals is the next step after choosing a career. The institute should be set up in such a way that it can give you the knowledge and training you need to successfully handle any career-related obstacles that may arise. Some of the advice provided below might assist you in making the best decision when selecting the best hair academy for your training if you want to become a hair stylist and establish a name for yourself in the hair styling profession.

  • Recognition and Connections

You should confirm that the appropriate authorities have accredited your prospective hair styling academy. Verify that it is connected to the regional office of education. It guarantees that your accreditation is legitimate and hence recognised both domestically and internationally. Your credibility as an educated hair stylist will be enhanced by obtaining a diploma from a reputable institution. Additionally, it will expose you to improved professional opportunities for all of your future efforts.

  • Curriculum

The curriculum that the institute has to offer is the second thing you should look into while choosing the hair stylist courses. You should be able to receive a thorough education in the hair style course you have chosen from the hair institute.

  • Accessibility

Facilities like the design of the training facility are important factors in influencing a person’s choice of academy. Before enrolling in any of the courses, it is advised that you take a tour of the institution and its facilities.

  • The faculty

Although it is the most difficult assignment of all, learning about the faculty in advance is also the most important. What use is ainstitute if its faculty is unable to provide appropriate education to its students? Your teachers’ credentials are something you should pay close attention to, and the experience they bring to the classroom says volumes about the type of children for whom they would be prepared.

  • Encourage

There should be a support system in place at your training institution that can respond to any of your questions in a fast and insightful manner. Your questions about the cost structure, the content of the courses, and other important issues should be promptly answered.

The education quality and course costs are the two things you must take into account for each institute separately, regardless of the hair academy you select. Applying for admission to aninstitute that can provide the most practical learning is worthwhile.

LOL List: Ann Flagella recommends 4 stand-up specials to stream right now


Ann Flagella wants you to add some laughs to your love list.

In an age of endless streaming and scrolling, there is no shortage of content. Access has never been easier. Comedy is no longer restricted to dingy nightclubs. Fans have an entire library of lol’s at their fingertips. With three decades of experience in the industry, no one understands this more than Ann Flagella.

As a notable tour and talent manager, Ann Flagella has partnered with some of the biggest names in the business, including Dane Cook, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle. In addition to collaborating with entertainment giants like Comedy Central, Showtime, and BET, she co-produced Dungeons & Dragon: The Movie. Most recently, she served as the executive producer for The Eddie Griffin Experience, which dazzled The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Understanding the current pulse of the industry, she ensured this show was also available for streaming as well.

Having successfully delivered this show to multiple platforms, Ann Flagella can now kick back and enjoy some laughs herself. With this in mind, she shares four of her favorite stand-up specials available for streaming right now.

Look at You (Taylor Tomlinson)

The follow-up to the smash hit Quarter-Life Crisis, Taylor Tomlinson’s “special” is truly worthy of the title. It offers gravitas and goofiness as she peels back on the curtain on her struggles over mental health and her mother’s passing. But, more than anything, it displays growth. Taylor Tomlinson weaves in personal, insightful stories without pulling a punch, which is a remarkable feat for someone so young.

Psychosexual (Joel Kim Booster)

Few are having a better year than Joel Kim Booster. After starring in Hulu’s original movie, Fire Island, and appearing in an Apple TV+ series, he commands the stage in Psychosexual. While the comedian opens up about his own sexuality, the special is really a vessel for Booster’s powerful ability to connect with his audience. Ann Flagella particularly gives props to his exceptional crowd work. Psychosexual feels energetic and spontaneous as he chats and riffs with his guests.

Don Wong (Ali Wong)

By now, Ali Wong has shed her “stand-up” label. She has transcended into a full-on star. And she has all the swagger and confidence to back it up. Don Wong hits the same beats of raunchy humor and R-rated anecdotes that fans have come to expect. Yet it doesn’t sacrifice heart. At its core, Don Wong is an honest, liberating plea for other women to share their own truths as well.

Trash White (Moses Storm)

Moses Storm knowingly challenges the conventions of the traditional, polished stand-up special. Produced by the iconic Conan O’Brien, Trash White pushes these boundaries and presents a show that is clearly creative and experimental. It’s both autobiographical and ambitious. He dives into deep-seated issues like poverty, class, race, and family dynamics in real, horrific, almost-unbelievable ways. Moses Storm flaunts absolute potential that will only improve with more practice.