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The polarization encouraged far-right forces to riot in the midterm elections

Think continues working in the documentation for his next project, which will be related to the polarization of American society and the resurgence of anfar-right mentality. This new phenomenon is also spreading to other countries of the world. All the information is being achieved by talking with the protagonists of the news and experts who independently share their vision.

One of the most difficult and complex chapters to be portrayed objectively, was the incident of January 6, 2021, when the White House was stormed by far-right Trump supporters, such as the Proud Boys, which are being called to testify.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus helped plan Trump’s attempt to overturn the election.  They attended a meeting at the White House on Dec. 21, 2020 in which, at least, 11 lawmakers discussed efforts to spill the election resultsand helped spread false information, according to testimony and records obtained by the committee.

And one of the groups that drove this effort is the Falun Gong sect, related with The Epoch Times.Falun Gong, a religious movement embroiled in a decades-long conflict with the Chinese government, has become a political asset in the Trump era due to its long-standing propagation of communist conspiracy theories.

At the time, reputable media such as The New York Times has reported that The Epoch Times used fake accounts to campaign for Trump during the 2016 election through its company Beautiful Life. Moreover, after they spent about $11 million on Facebook ads in 2019, the platform banned them for violating rules on political advertising transparency.

In April, at the height of its ad spending, videos from Epoch Media Group counted about 3 billion views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, ranking 11th among all video creators across all platforms and outpacing all other traditional news publishers, according to data from social media analytics firm Tubular.

This engagement made The Epoch Times one of the favorites for the Trump family and a key component of the president’s re-election campaign. According to the Washington Post, reporters at The Epoch Times have received special access from the Trump administration: One America News and The Epoch Times were among the only media outlets with access to Georgia’s voting audience in the 2020 election.

Once thevote counts were published, the website questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election (neither journalists nor Trump’s legal team have uncovered credible evidence of widespread voter fraud). They also peddle a number of conspiracy theories as the one they supported in 2018 with the“full rundown” of Spygatethat claims an Obama’s administration spy attempted to thwart Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

There was great concern in The Epoch Times when Biden finally won the 2020 election. At the same time, to avoid trouble with Democrats over their earlier smear campaign against President Biden, Epoch Times executives decided at one point that they should keep a low profile internally and “drop the close relationship with Trump.”

The truth is, however, that January 6, 2021 gave the Epoch Times another chance.

Angelo Carusone, president and CEO of Media Matters for America, said that by exploiting the deep partisan polarization in U.S. politics and the long anti-Communist tradition of the American right, these media outlets, led by Epoch Times, have sought to link Biden and the Democratic Party to radical left-wing movements like Antifa.

Epoch Times pointed to a strong contender in the Democratic Party,an opportunistic rehash of existing conspiracy narratives – was characteristic of these outlets. “They’re not drivers, they’re not weaving new conspiracy theories, they’re amplifying what’s already out there,” Carusone said.

While the Proud Boys and QAnon have been punished by law, the Epoch Times remains at large. With the 2022 midterm elections in full swing, Carusone said, the intensification of conspiratorial messages in the Epoch Times’ output and its embrace of Trumpism could make them even more damaging to the United States.

Despite being banned from Facebook and unable to place many ads on the platform, The Epoch Times did not give up on other platforms and actively published hundreds of articles about the midterm elections on its website, including dozens of articles about Trump’s “high” approval rating (regardless of the actual situation).

In fact, in addition to obfuscating the midterm elections to attract Republicans for patronage, The Epoch Times and Falun Gong behind it appear to be undermining the American situation in even more egregious ways by opposing abortion and condemning homosexuality and feminism.

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Ángel Tapia

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Build Equity: Grow Your Retirement Portfolio with Christopher Letendre 


When saving for retirement, experienced financial advisors like Christopher Letendre help people make solid investment decisions. The goal is to help clients build their portfolios and make investments that allow them to support their preferred lifestyle over a determined period. Let’s explore how you can reach your financial retirement goals.

Why Professional Guidance is Critical to Retirement Plans

As you approach retirement, you might be re-evaluating your financial situation. In many cases, it is necessary to make adjustments in spending along with exploring alternative investments to boost your portfolio’s potential and existing value sooner rather than later.

Being proactive in making sure that you can meet future expense targets is pivotal. If you don’t feel like your initial financial plan will be sustainable later in retirement, consulting with an investment adviser representative is a sound move. After all, there’s more to a successful retirement plan than simply making investments.

Solid Financial Plans Involve More Than Just Investing

While investing is a key element to establishing a successful retirement portfolio, other variables should be integrated with other fundamentals of financial success, including:

  • Invest
  • Spend
  • Borrow
  • Manage
  • Protect

These five practices are part of an active wealth framework. The process involves reviewing how investments are allocated, spending levels, tax management, and using various borrowing and asset protection strategies.

A skilled retirement investment strategist helps clients understand the correlation between these fundamentals and assists them in making smart retirement decisions. They can help you review anticipated investment and retirement income, as well as estimate how long those funds will last after factoring in expenses, taxes, and contingencies like medical or long-term care.

With the guidance of Chris Letendre, planning your retirement can be an opportunity to understand the potential outcomes of your financial decisions. As an advisor with more than 20 years of experience, he will make you aware of up-and-coming investment opportunities and potential tax benefits to maximize during the course of your retirement.

Receive Experienced Retirement Advice: Introducing Chris Letendre

Christ Letendre is a licensed professional in the financial and securities advisory business with decades of experience. As the president of Cape Retirement Wealth Advisors, he and his colleagues share their knowledge to help you focus on the active wealth framework for a comfortable retirement.

Mr. Letendre’s goal is to assist every client with a personalized retirement plan that focuses on realistic retirement strategies that minimize financial worries during retirement. The ultimate goal is to create a retirement income that you can’t outlive, so you can rest easy knowing that your long-term expenses can feasibly be secured with key investment approaches.

Christopher Letendre is highly communicative with those who are seeking retirement guidance. As an independent investment advisor of Brookstone Capital Management, he customizes plans for clients at zero cost that are tailored for their objectives and goals. He offers “early warning” services that will give you notice should your financial investments be affected by current and projected market conditions.

In addition to income planning and asset management, he is skilled at navigating the complexities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He can also work closely with you to plan any estate dealings and legacy arrangements. If this solid support sounds good, let Chris Letendre put your plan into action. Contact Chris online at Cape Retirement Wealth Advisors to set up a consultation today.

What Do You Do After a 30-Year Career? Stop?  


Most people when they reach the end of a career, at least in terms of the traditional 30 years of commitment, focus immediately on retirement. They might take on a hobby, go traveling, start taking care of grandchildren or even go into local politics as an elected official. Probably less than 10 percent want to stay in the same career and keep working, generally having concluded they are completely done and there’s nothing more they can do in that field. Then, there are exceptions. Ann Flagella is one of them.

Ann Flagella is a bit of an institution in her line of work. After almost three decades of working as both a talent manager as well as a tour manager, she could practically teach a college major program how to be an administrator in the entertainment business, whether it’s on the music side, movies, or television. However, one has to ask whether it’s time for anyone to begin another chapter after almost 30 years in the same line of work. Fortunately, Ann Flagella never got that memo when it was sent out.

The fact is, Ann likes her work; it’s more than a job and every project involves making a difference in one project or another in the entertainment field. No surprise, the dedication she puts into every assignment bleeds out automatically into her interactions. Her clients repeatedly come back as a result. Yes, it’s quite possible for Flagella to hang up her proverbial hat and move on to something new, but why would she? She’s doing what she loves the most.

So, while some folks are thinking about whether they should go to Yosemite or the next boat cruise trip down to the Caribbean, Ann Flagella is already working on her next client’s tour or release package campaign. Everyone that comes to the culmination is another chapter in her accomplishment book, and Ann Flagella isn’t about to write the last chapter anytime soon. There’s just too much more to get done, and she’s right at the front of it.

Everything You Need To Know About Henry Agallar


His Passion For Sport

Henry Agallar is an American mixed martial arts coach with over ten years of expertise. He specializes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and no-gi grappling. Besides martial arts coaching, Henry Agallar is a well-known high school wrestling coach at the national level. Agallar has coached both future MMA fighters and everyday individuals who desire to use martial arts to improve their fitness and boost their confidence. According to him, age is not a fitness concern. People of all ages and fitness levels can use martial arts and physical exercise to develop strength and discipline in the body and mind.

As a coach, Agallar collaborates with his clients to help them develop the basics and skills that will help them find success in high-level martial arts. Anytime a client sets foot in Agallar’s training session, they are made to feel comfortable, even if it’s their first time participating in the workout.

He aids his clients in achieving realistic goals that are both hard but doable. He reviews and keeps track of clients’ progress regularly, setting new goals to assist them in moving forward. He aids his clients in breaking down the smaller milestones required before advancing to the next belt and equipping them with the confidence to climb through the ranks.

Besides coaching, Henry Agallar counsels his customers and students on nutrition, strength, and how to improve fitness through martial arts. Proper nutrition is essential for fitness progression, and Agallar stays up to date with the latest sports nutrition research to keep his customers a step forward in accomplishing their goals.

Through his experience in the martial arts industry, Henry Agalar mastered the fundamentals before graduating with more sophisticated techniques. Patience and passion are conveyed to his students every session. His clients have total confidence in him, and their progress can also be compared to his competence.

His Professional Credentials

Away from his profession, Henry Agallar holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree from Olivet Nazarene University. He is also an economic expert who stays current on advancements in cryptocurrency, real estate, retirement, and stock markets. In addition, he believes that financial literacy is crucial for living a healthy and happy life and enjoys keeping in touch with the rapidly changing economic climate. 

His Philanthropic Side

Henry Agallar is also at the forefront of giving back to the community, as he supports the Racine United Way. This organization brings together government agencies, educators, human service groups, and volunteers with the ultimate goal of supporting their local community in different ways.

He has been voted Racine Coach of the Year twice, indicating his passion for the sport. Agallar is also an advocate of Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities of Southern California, accommodating children and siblings with full medical attention and recreational services.

Henry Agallar believes it is crucial to maintain physical fitness to set a good example for his clients and students. He accomplishes this goal through rigorous martial training. He also runs a website where he shares his keenness for martial arts with others and advises newcomers on ways to enhance their abilities. Agallar is also a big fan of the UFC.

Lessons from Pat Baker’s landscapes every photographer should learn


Pat Baker’s career in photography started with rugged Texas vistas and mountaineering and now includes lessons everyone can adapt to master landscapes. 

TEXAS, August 7, 2022 —  Texas photographer Pat Baker found his way to his career as a 16-year-old who purchased his first camera to document his adventures in mountaineering. For the teen, it was a way to continue sharing the journeys following the untimely death of his dad — his earliest partner in adventures. 

Pat Baker of Texas embraces photography full-time

As time passed, photography became the primary hobby, and Baker started branching out into new styles and jobs, including a cover story for a reputable media outlet in his first year as a professional. 

By 1980, photography was a full-time career, and capturing rugged landscapes was a passion. 

Lighting and landscapes

An essential element of Baker’s photography is capturing changing light on rugged vistas with the optimal camera placement.

This can vary based on the environment, but always consider a view that shows the magnitude of the space. Capture the vastness of the landscape. A common way to do this is to include a natural element that provides scale — a tree, a rock, a bush or an animal can help the eye establish perspective and make the surrounding scenery soar by comparison.

Focal length

Pat Baker’s toolkit includes an assortment of lenses to help find the best view for a landscape photo. For some, a wide-angle lens can be best, but in locations with compelling details or a focal point further away, the trade-off of shrinking backgrounds isn’t worth it. 

In these instances, Baker shares a telephoto lens is handy provided a portion of the field of view can be sacrificed. With careful zoom on the subject, the resulting photograph shows the scale of the landscape while strongly centering the focal point within its environment. 

Consider display

For landscape photos, the ultimate purpose can be helpful for establishing the shot. On a shoot for traditional media or a third-party, more careful consideration of focal length and scale is key. 

When shooting for personal satisfaction or prints, the photographer controls the final product and can consider print size, production across multiple panels, development techniques and digital editing to help showcase landscapes. This allows for greater flexibility in composition.

How to choose an institute for the best hair stylist courses

Choosing a training facility that can assist you in achieving your career goals is the next step after choosing a career. The institute should be set up in such a way that it can give you the knowledge and training you need to successfully handle any career-related obstacles that may arise. Some of the advice provided below might assist you in making the best decision when selecting the best hair academy for your training if you want to become a hair stylist and establish a name for yourself in the hair styling profession.

  • Recognition and Connections

You should confirm that the appropriate authorities have accredited your prospective hair styling academy. Verify that it is connected to the regional office of education. It guarantees that your accreditation is legitimate and hence recognised both domestically and internationally. Your credibility as an educated hair stylist will be enhanced by obtaining a diploma from a reputable institution. Additionally, it will expose you to improved professional opportunities for all of your future efforts.

  • Curriculum

The curriculum that the institute has to offer is the second thing you should look into while choosing the hair stylist courses. You should be able to receive a thorough education in the hair style course you have chosen from the hair institute.

  • Accessibility

Facilities like the design of the training facility are important factors in influencing a person’s choice of academy. Before enrolling in any of the courses, it is advised that you take a tour of the institution and its facilities.

  • The faculty

Although it is the most difficult assignment of all, learning about the faculty in advance is also the most important. What use is ainstitute if its faculty is unable to provide appropriate education to its students? Your teachers’ credentials are something you should pay close attention to, and the experience they bring to the classroom says volumes about the type of children for whom they would be prepared.

  • Encourage

There should be a support system in place at your training institution that can respond to any of your questions in a fast and insightful manner. Your questions about the cost structure, the content of the courses, and other important issues should be promptly answered.

The education quality and course costs are the two things you must take into account for each institute separately, regardless of the hair academy you select. Applying for admission to aninstitute that can provide the most practical learning is worthwhile.

Vincent Barletta Discusses How To Reside in Portugal for $1,000 Per Month

Many people, especially the newly retired or those with a job that allows them to work from anywhere, think about relocating to a relatively inexpensive country compared to their home country. For people in North America, this might include certain Southeast Asian or Eastern European countries. However, according to experts such as Vincent Barletta, Portugal is an often overlooked location that boasts a high quality of life, beautiful scenery, and low cost of living. Here are some tips and tricks for residing in Portugal for $1,000 per month. 

Talk to Others

It is helpful to talk to others who moved to another country due to its lower cost of living. Ask them about their experiences and how they complete such tasks as making a budget and saving for emergencies. Residents of Portugal are also a good authority to talk to since many of them live on around $1,000 or less per month, as the minimum social security payment is just above the equivalent of $700 per month in Portugal.

Locals are good resources regarding the best places to shop for food and other necessities and what to do for fun when your budget allows. Getting to know someone with whom you can share resources is also beneficial to saving money. 

Look Outside of the Cities

Like in most countries, the major cities of Portugal tend to be more expensive places to live. While moving to a city such as Porto or Lisbon might be tempting to experience their shopping and nightlife, your money will go further in a smaller town. If you enjoy cities, look for a village with a train station or easy access to those more populated areas. As someone who appreciates culture, Vincent Barletta knows how important it is to balance living costs with access to places like libraries and museums. 

Consider Ditching the Car

One thing that might give Americans moving to Europe some sticker shock is the price of gas. Fortunately, it is easier to do without a car in many places in Europe than it is to do so in the United States. For example, a quick search on Google Maps will show you that it takes even less time to go from Lisbon to Porto by train than by car. 

Vincent Barletta Bio

An author and professor, Vincent Barletta, teaches Comparative Literature and Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University in California. Barletta has an affinity for learning languages and can speak Portuguese and Spanish as well as English. He taught English as a Second Language while serving in the Peace Corps. He previously served as an assistant professor for the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

The Volunteer Work Ann Flagella Has Completed


Ann Flagella is a tour manager and talent manager who has helped produce many notable comedy shows and has worked with some of the top talents in the comedy industry. While she loves her job, she also knows that her job puts her in a position where she is able to make changes happen. She is a powerful advocate for the civil rights of children and financially supports and gives back to many animal welfare organizations. She has also volunteered her time with many different organizations. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered With The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross helps communities around the world in many different ways. It helps provide shelter, food, and comfort to individuals who are victims of disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, and floods. The organization is also responsible for coordinating blood drives and supplying up to 40 percent of the blood that is used by hospitals in the United States. One of the lesser-known ways that this organization helps is by providing assistance to military and veteran families who are in need. Ann Flagella is proud to have completed volunteer work for this organization. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered For Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is an organization that provides meals to the elderly and those who are disabled. These are individuals who may be unable to get out of the house and/or may struggle to cook for themselves. This organization makes it possible for these individuals to get healthy meals, while also allowing them to be checked on by a delivery person and to interact with that delivery person. This organization is vital to those who use it, and Ms. Flagella is proud to help when she can to assist Meals on Wheels. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered Time With The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to reducing the frequency of disability and death pertaining to heart diseases, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. This organization relies on donations and fundraisers to help fund research that is changing what we know about cardiovascular diseases and how they can be prevented or treated. Ms. Flagella is pleased to have participated in many of these fundraisers and looks forward to helping this organization in the future as well. 

Ann Flagella knows that she lives a privileged life and she uses that privilege to help advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves and to give back to those who need help. She spends a lot of time contributing money and time to organizations that are near and dear to her heart, including the organizations listed above. In addition to those organizations, she focuses on social services and other tools that help individuals from all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses get the equal rights they deserve and the chance to thrive that everyone should be entitled to. 

Massachusetts Builder Peter Grenier Talks About Cabinetry Options for Historic Home Renovations

Balancing historical accuracy with modern storage needs can be a struggle, but  Grenier has a few tips for upgrades that can blend in without sacrificing function. 

Builder and Massachusetts native Peter Grenier is the owner of Wicked Good Woodworks LLC and is skilled in cabinetry. He also loves historic homes and finds one of the biggest challenges homeowners of older properties face is adding storage in a way that does not compromise the home’s historical integrity. 

From the kitchen to the bathroom and all areas in between, there are opportunities to maximize storage space without sacrificing key architectural features and compromising a home’s overall aesthetic. 

Historic Home Cabinetry Basics

Depending on the era of home construction and the type of home, many older properties would not have featured an abundance of cabinetry as part of their design. More exclusive properties, such as Queen Anne houses and other Victorian homes, were designed with myriad bespoke features, including built-in cabinets, shelving, and drawers. Per Peter Grenier, standard family homes were typically less detailed and featured more functional storage or standalone furniture options, such as now antique hutches, china cabinets, and cedar wardrobes.

The complexity of outfitting a home that was not designed with cabinets and storage spaces and maintaining a feeling of historical accuracy lies here and requires a blend of retro craftsmanship, historic finishes, and an eye for smooth transitions between strictly honoring a period and blending in contemporary touches. 


The kitchen typically has more cabinetry than all other areas of the home combined, so getting this room right is essential for the overall aesthetic of a home attempting to maintain a period feel. Peter Grenier of Massachusetts recommends a strategic approach that involves the construction of cabinets using design principles of yesteryear coupled with accent pieces that harken back to the era of construction. 

Kitchen cabinets have experienced a variety of transitions over time. From cabinet door position to trim and handles, there are various factors to be considered that can add historical appeal. For example, older cabinets often formed smooth lines with the cabinet itself when closed, while contemporary options often rest on the cabinet. Older cabinets may also feature more trim work around the edges or have a freestanding look with legs, even if the legs were not essential for weight-bearing. Mixing and matching these details can make a big difference when attempting to blend a modern cabinet configuration in terms of size and number into an older home. 

Another great way to ensure consistency is nailing an antique finish. For wood options, this may mean choosing a stain that either matches other wood tones in the home or is at least complementary. For a home with lots of painted detail, coordinating paint colors work. 

For smaller kitchens or when the desire to maintain extreme period accuracy is felt, Peter Grenier recommends keeping the kitchen as retro as possible and then relocating the conveniences of modern cabinetry to a larger walk-in pantry with ample storage solutions. Open shelving and historical furnishings can command attention in the kitchen without stripping a home of all convenience.

Bedroom Storage

Storage in the bedroom can also operate by similar standards. If a closet exists, custom cabinetry and storage in the closet area can help maximize tight quarters, according to Peter Grenier. If there is not a closet and room dimensions allow, a custom solution can be crafted to create a flexible storage space behind an antique door or double-door configuration.

An alternate option is to convert an unused room into a closet and dressing area with custom cabinets and storage befitting the period. Balance can be achieved with unique built-ins on one wall and antique furniture, such as an armoire and dressing table sprinkled throughout.

LOL List: Ann Flagella recommends 4 stand-up specials to stream right now


Ann Flagella wants you to add some laughs to your love list.

In an age of endless streaming and scrolling, there is no shortage of content. Access has never been easier. Comedy is no longer restricted to dingy nightclubs. Fans have an entire library of lol’s at their fingertips. With three decades of experience in the industry, no one understands this more than Ann Flagella.

As a notable tour and talent manager, Ann Flagella has partnered with some of the biggest names in the business, including Dane Cook, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle. In addition to collaborating with entertainment giants like Comedy Central, Showtime, and BET, she co-produced Dungeons & Dragon: The Movie. Most recently, she served as the executive producer for The Eddie Griffin Experience, which dazzled The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Understanding the current pulse of the industry, she ensured this show was also available for streaming as well.

Having successfully delivered this show to multiple platforms, Ann Flagella can now kick back and enjoy some laughs herself. With this in mind, she shares four of her favorite stand-up specials available for streaming right now.

Look at You (Taylor Tomlinson)

The follow-up to the smash hit Quarter-Life Crisis, Taylor Tomlinson’s “special” is truly worthy of the title. It offers gravitas and goofiness as she peels back on the curtain on her struggles over mental health and her mother’s passing. But, more than anything, it displays growth. Taylor Tomlinson weaves in personal, insightful stories without pulling a punch, which is a remarkable feat for someone so young.

Psychosexual (Joel Kim Booster)

Few are having a better year than Joel Kim Booster. After starring in Hulu’s original movie, Fire Island, and appearing in an Apple TV+ series, he commands the stage in Psychosexual. While the comedian opens up about his own sexuality, the special is really a vessel for Booster’s powerful ability to connect with his audience. Ann Flagella particularly gives props to his exceptional crowd work. Psychosexual feels energetic and spontaneous as he chats and riffs with his guests.

Don Wong (Ali Wong)

By now, Ali Wong has shed her “stand-up” label. She has transcended into a full-on star. And she has all the swagger and confidence to back it up. Don Wong hits the same beats of raunchy humor and R-rated anecdotes that fans have come to expect. Yet it doesn’t sacrifice heart. At its core, Don Wong is an honest, liberating plea for other women to share their own truths as well.

Trash White (Moses Storm)

Moses Storm knowingly challenges the conventions of the traditional, polished stand-up special. Produced by the iconic Conan O’Brien, Trash White pushes these boundaries and presents a show that is clearly creative and experimental. It’s both autobiographical and ambitious. He dives into deep-seated issues like poverty, class, race, and family dynamics in real, horrific, almost-unbelievable ways. Moses Storm flaunts absolute potential that will only improve with more practice.