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The Volunteer Work Ann Flagella Has Completed


Ann Flagella is a tour manager and talent manager who has helped produce many notable comedy shows and has worked with some of the top talents in the comedy industry. While she loves her job, she also knows that her job puts her in a position where she is able to make changes happen. She is a powerful advocate for the civil rights of children and financially supports and gives back to many animal welfare organizations. She has also volunteered her time with many different organizations. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered With The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross helps communities around the world in many different ways. It helps provide shelter, food, and comfort to individuals who are victims of disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, and floods. The organization is also responsible for coordinating blood drives and supplying up to 40 percent of the blood that is used by hospitals in the United States. One of the lesser-known ways that this organization helps is by providing assistance to military and veteran families who are in need. Ann Flagella is proud to have completed volunteer work for this organization. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered For Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is an organization that provides meals to the elderly and those who are disabled. These are individuals who may be unable to get out of the house and/or may struggle to cook for themselves. This organization makes it possible for these individuals to get healthy meals, while also allowing them to be checked on by a delivery person and to interact with that delivery person. This organization is vital to those who use it, and Ms. Flagella is proud to help when she can to assist Meals on Wheels. 

Ann Flagella Has Volunteered Time With The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to reducing the frequency of disability and death pertaining to heart diseases, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. This organization relies on donations and fundraisers to help fund research that is changing what we know about cardiovascular diseases and how they can be prevented or treated. Ms. Flagella is pleased to have participated in many of these fundraisers and looks forward to helping this organization in the future as well. 

Ann Flagella knows that she lives a privileged life and she uses that privilege to help advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves and to give back to those who need help. She spends a lot of time contributing money and time to organizations that are near and dear to her heart, including the organizations listed above. In addition to those organizations, she focuses on social services and other tools that help individuals from all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses get the equal rights they deserve and the chance to thrive that everyone should be entitled to. 

Massachusetts Builder Peter Grenier Talks About Cabinetry Options for Historic Home Renovations

Balancing historical accuracy with modern storage needs can be a struggle, but  Grenier has a few tips for upgrades that can blend in without sacrificing function. 

Builder and Massachusetts native Peter Grenier is the owner of Wicked Good Woodworks LLC and is skilled in cabinetry. He also loves historic homes and finds one of the biggest challenges homeowners of older properties face is adding storage in a way that does not compromise the home’s historical integrity. 

From the kitchen to the bathroom and all areas in between, there are opportunities to maximize storage space without sacrificing key architectural features and compromising a home’s overall aesthetic. 

Historic Home Cabinetry Basics

Depending on the era of home construction and the type of home, many older properties would not have featured an abundance of cabinetry as part of their design. More exclusive properties, such as Queen Anne houses and other Victorian homes, were designed with myriad bespoke features, including built-in cabinets, shelving, and drawers. Per Peter Grenier, standard family homes were typically less detailed and featured more functional storage or standalone furniture options, such as now antique hutches, china cabinets, and cedar wardrobes.

The complexity of outfitting a home that was not designed with cabinets and storage spaces and maintaining a feeling of historical accuracy lies here and requires a blend of retro craftsmanship, historic finishes, and an eye for smooth transitions between strictly honoring a period and blending in contemporary touches. 


The kitchen typically has more cabinetry than all other areas of the home combined, so getting this room right is essential for the overall aesthetic of a home attempting to maintain a period feel. Peter Grenier of Massachusetts recommends a strategic approach that involves the construction of cabinets using design principles of yesteryear coupled with accent pieces that harken back to the era of construction. 

Kitchen cabinets have experienced a variety of transitions over time. From cabinet door position to trim and handles, there are various factors to be considered that can add historical appeal. For example, older cabinets often formed smooth lines with the cabinet itself when closed, while contemporary options often rest on the cabinet. Older cabinets may also feature more trim work around the edges or have a freestanding look with legs, even if the legs were not essential for weight-bearing. Mixing and matching these details can make a big difference when attempting to blend a modern cabinet configuration in terms of size and number into an older home. 

Another great way to ensure consistency is nailing an antique finish. For wood options, this may mean choosing a stain that either matches other wood tones in the home or is at least complementary. For a home with lots of painted detail, coordinating paint colors work. 

For smaller kitchens or when the desire to maintain extreme period accuracy is felt, Peter Grenier recommends keeping the kitchen as retro as possible and then relocating the conveniences of modern cabinetry to a larger walk-in pantry with ample storage solutions. Open shelving and historical furnishings can command attention in the kitchen without stripping a home of all convenience.

Bedroom Storage

Storage in the bedroom can also operate by similar standards. If a closet exists, custom cabinetry and storage in the closet area can help maximize tight quarters, according to Peter Grenier. If there is not a closet and room dimensions allow, a custom solution can be crafted to create a flexible storage space behind an antique door or double-door configuration.

An alternate option is to convert an unused room into a closet and dressing area with custom cabinets and storage befitting the period. Balance can be achieved with unique built-ins on one wall and antique furniture, such as an armoire and dressing table sprinkled throughout.

Preston Muller


Preston Muller is a professional charter fishing expert who has become a local legend in his region due to his high-quality understanding of the region and its many unique fishing challenges. His career over the last 12+ years has been almost staggeringly successful, particularly in the last few years. Taking a look at his many accomplishments is a humbling but rewarding experience for anglers around the world who want to improve their skills and careers.

The Incredible Career of Preston Muller

When it comes to coastal fishing in Florida, it is no exaggeration to say that few have as much experience or expertise as Preston Muller. Muller is a Florida native who has loved saltwater fishing for his whole life. When he started his guided charter boat tours throughout the Gulf coast region, he had no way of knowing that his career would become so stories and celebrated by the fishing community.

During his 12±year career, Muller has served 12,000 hours as a boat captain, which has given him an insight into fishing that few possess. This knowledge has helped him serve over 10,000 different anglers over the years, almost all of whom were greatly satisfied. Operating out of Destin, Muller has experience with the coast in and around this area and understands the ebb and flow of fishing.

All of this success has been building to a major head in recent years. For example, his company is consistently voted as a five-star charter company and is always in the top 5 charter boat companies on Trip Advisor for Destin. Furthermore, his service was voted Best in Destin 2021, while earning three-straight awards as a charter fishing experience in the area. These accolades have come for a reason.

First, Preston Muller understands the Gulf coast better than almost all other coastal guides in the region. He fully understands the Emerald coast and the many fish in the area. Furthermore, his 12,000 hours have given him a strong understanding of weather patterns. Many of his clients have remarked on his nearly prescient ability to avoid bad weather before it hits the region to keep them dry and comfortable as they fish with Muller on his boat.

Furthermore, Muller has also become something of a celebrity in the fishing world as of late. First of all, he has appeared on How To Do Florida with Chad Crawford, a popular show that highlights different Florida businesses. His appearance here has earned him spots on 18 episodes of BlacktipH, earning more than 20 million views each of these videos. This wild popularity has helped Muller identify even more clients for his boating and fishing business.

Muller has also become a monthly article writer for Coastal Angler Magazine, creating useful advice and tips for beginners and advanced anglers. His articles have become praised for their humor and common sense, with Preston Muller continuing to provide fascinating advice that helps anglers of all types garner the best possible experience for their Florida-based fishing. All this exposure has helped Muller’s business expand beyond his wildest dreams and is likely to inspire even more clients to visit him.

Nils Larsen Offers Various Services to Help Clients Reach their Personal Financial Goals

Preparing for your financial future is very important. In order to achieve your short and long-term financial goals, it will require discipline but also investing in the markets. As investing can seem challenging, working with a financial portfolio manager is a great option. When you are looking for financial support you should consider hiring Nils Larsen manager of your personal finances. He offers various services that can help manage and protect your investments so you can reach your goals.

Nils Larsen Focuses on Customized Approach

When it comes to managing investments and personal finances, no two situations are exactly alike. An investment strategy will need to vary based on financial goals, current financial position, risk tolerance, and other factors. Larsen will focus on understanding the goals and situation for each client to help come up with a sound investment strategy. He can then help implement the strategy while ensuring that clients are fully aware of all investments being made.

Monitoring of Investment Portfolio

While it is important to have a sound investment portfolio in place, you also need to ensure that your investments are being properly monitored. As a financial manager, Larsen will focus on your portfolio and track it compared to the overall market. He can then discuss your portfolio performance with you and give advice on any changes that may be needed to either manage risk or try and improve performance.

Variety of Investment Options

One of the reasons for working with Nils Larsen, manager of financial portfolios, is that he has plenty of experience with various investment options. There are a lot of different investment securities to consider today. These can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other securities that are liquid and can provide you with room for growth. He is an experienced professional that is knowledgeable about these products and can help find a proper allocation of your investment capital between these and other investments. 

Tax Decision Support

Once you have started making money in your investments, you could incur tax liabilities. Larsen and other financial professionals can help you manage your tax liability. They can help you invest through tax-advantaged vehicles such as IRAs, 529s, and other long-term savings accounts while also giving tips for when assets can be sold to help reduce your annual tax bill. 

Oversight of Macro Risks and Opportunities

While you can make a sound investment strategy today, changes in the market and external factors will have a large impact on your portfolio returns each year. Being able to react to changes in the market could have a big impact on your overall investment return. When hiring Nils Larsen, manager of personal finances, to help build your financial plan, you will know that you have someone by your side that is looking out for and reacting to these risks and opportunities. 

Saving and investing for the future is always very important. When you are looking for guidance for your investment, hiring Larsen, is a great option. He is an experienced financial portfolio manager that can offer various services that will help you develop a strategy, manage risk and ultimately increase your chances of reaching your financial goals. 

Karen Swanson and the Importance of Community Involvement

Karen Swanson believes in giving back to your community, understanding that getting involved is the best way to stay connected with others. She is dedicated to educating others and is an award-winning educator and administrator with over 30 years of experience. Her community is important to her, and she is always looking for opportunities to get to know others.

Karen Swanson spent 11 years, from 2009 to 2020, as the Chairperson for Iowa Tech Prep Coordinators, leading other educators by example. In this role, she was able to coordinate a group of community college coordinators at the state level. This group works with high school students and technical preparation programs to further their education to pursue careers in the field.

Swanson is a leader, and when she gets involved in any organization, she ends up taking a role as an officer. She volunteered in the Iowa Association of Career and Technical Education, which is designed to help prepare individuals for careers in the field.

Karen Swanson knows that staying connected with others builds a strong network of support within any field. She understands the importance of teaching people to go for their dreams, no matter what age they are. With the right network, it is possible for people to succeed in the field of their choice.

By giving back to their community, Karen Swanson is able to share her skills, and offer advice to those just starting out in their career. She is a lifetime educator, and mentor, and is willing to help others who are ready to make a career change.

Connection to others is essential for success in competitive industries, and Karen Swanson believes in building a strong network of connectivity. With her guidance, many students have moved on to successful careers. As a person who is always optimistic, Karen Swanson is a strong influence on others and helps people find their talents.

Is a Reverse Takeover a Smart Play Right Now?

The traditional path to a public offering of ownership and investment in a company is a long, rigorous approach with a heavy amount of scrutiny, and it takes a significant play by capital movers to bring to fruition. As a market entry expert, Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, thinks there is a far easier alternative, however, known as the reverse takeover strategy. In essence, it follows the old, familiar saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

For the RTO approach, a private company wanting to go public avoids the traditional path and instead just outright buys a controlling share of a company that is already public. In doing so, and merging with the public company, the private company gains public market status by default. Konstantin Lichtenwald notes this approach avoids the whole capitalization launch, and instead it works within the shell of a company already in the public realm.

Under previously “normal” conditions, the RTO strategy would be a cost-saving strategy of entering the public market at a time when generally things are operating strong, there’s plenty of liquidity in the market to provide opportunity, and a new player even in the guise of an old one would get attention. However, in the last few months entering the summer of 2022, things have changed dramatically.

Konstantin Lichtenwald reminds folks that the current U.S. economy has quickly changed the landscape for investment. Inflation has skyrocketed to historic eyes, the power of the consumer dollar has eroded badly, and now investment dollars are running for the exit doors as the public markets contract. No surprise, the landscape seems to have turned negative towards new entrants.

However, a contrarian argument could push the premise that mid-2022 is an ideal time to pull off an RTO. First off, there will be plenty of companies that provide prime targets for a controlling takeover with depressed stock prices and available opportunities for a new private player to step in and take over via default ownership. Second, the market will be looking for and needing an active presence. Konstantin Lichtenwald points out that as existing players contract, the overall environment will need something to fill the vacuum. Otherwise, the resulting contraction hurts everyone involved.

Secondly, a proactive RTO can create a catalyst for a significant and fast company expansion as new capital comes flooding in with a public presence, a bit like a shining light in a market that is depressed and desperately needs a new actor to show the way out of the slump. Having a new player come in strong, Konstantin Lichtenwald argues, can create its own following with investors, much the same way as a viral hit on social media generates an exponential audience.

So, an RTO strategy right now in 2022 may just be the ticket for a company looking to take itself to the next level but not wanting to get lost in the mud and quagmire of a long, extended traditional initial purchase offering. Instead, Konstantin Lichtenwald suggests by slipping into a public position via an existing company shell, a formerly private company can reshape itself quickly and effectively, focusing valuable activity on full investment instead of losing steam on the IPO process.

Danielle Riddle: Harnessing Creativity for Extra Income


If there’s one thing Danielle Riddle understands, it is creativity. She loves music and started out singing on stage. She plays piano and guitar and wanted to find a way to make her creativity profitable. With the internet so readily available, she understands the importance of connecting creativity with technology in order to find success.

As a musician, Danielle Riddle saw the need for a variety of products. Her friends were frustrated with various equipment in the studio or on stage, and Danielle used this as an opportunity to understand what products would make the lives of musicians easier. She began to come up with ideas for a variety of products for the music world. 

Danielle Riddle then utilized platforms such as Etsy to sell some of the products she created and found her niche as a creator of musician-related products that made playing music easier. Her products include sheet music holders and instrument braces. If she saw a peer creating a workaround for a problem, she would study the issue in order to make a prototype of the solution. Her peers have been an inspiration for many of the ideas she has come up with over the years.

Flexibility is essential when you are a creative person, according to Danielle Riddle. She understands that there is often a lot of pressure to create a second income for yourself, and this can lead to problems with rushing a product. She is flexible and takes her time coming up with solutions that work. She knows that there is no point in creating products that don’t work well, as this is only going to slow down her business over the long run.

It is possible to generate an income from your creative ideas, but you have to be willing to put in the work. Danielle Riddle is always looking for new opportunities and understands that there are ideas everywhere if you pay attention. While not everything has to turn into a side hustle, it is possible to turn your passion into a viable income using creativity and technology.

How to Choose a Great Electrical Contractor

Terrence Schehen Explains How to Choose a Great Electrical Contractor

The Right Electrical Contractor Doesn’t Just Keep You Up to Code, Terrence Schehen Says, But Also Becomes a Great Maintenance Partner

Whether you are just doing a lighting retrofit or rewiring your entire office building, finding the right electrical contractor ranks near the top of the list of things you need to do to keep your property safe. Commercial electrical work is not the same as its domestic and residential variations, Terrence Schehen says. Commercial electrical work requires different skills, different tools, and different experiences. Terrence Schehen advises that finding the right professional electrical contractor saves you money and makes your life easier.

Here are Terrence Schehen’s top tips for finding a great electrical contractor.

Get Recommendations

No one in your community is likely to know more about local electrical contractors than the electrical supply stores. There is a good chance that they have a short list of contractors that they recommend to their customers. You can also ask other owners of commercial properties or if you know one, private building inspectors.

Ask About Their Experience with Commercial Jobs

You don’t want to provide an electrician with their learning experience, Terrence Schehen says. It is always a good idea to ask a potential contractor about their experiences with jobs similar to your own. You can also ask your local Chamber of Commerce or local property managers about their experience with a candidate company.

Be Sure to Get a Written Estimate, Terrence Schehen Says

We have all heard horror stories about electricians who pad their bills with unexpected costs, drawn-out timeframes, and excess charges. Terrence Schehen advises you to get price estimates in writing. Good contractors don’t charge hidden fees.

Ask About Warranties and Guarantees

The best electrical contractors offer “satisfaction guaranteed.” Ask for a written copy of the company’s policy and promises regarding issues that may come up after the job is done.

Get a Firm Timeline for Completion of Your Project

Buildings don’t do a lot of good if they don’t have electricity. Your contractor may not commit to working on your project 24/7 until the work is complete, but you should have a clear timeline for the completion of the contract.

Check Insurance and Licensing

In nearly every state and municipality, electrical contractors must carry insurance to maintain their licenses. If you confirm with your state licensing board that a contractor is licensed, they will have at least minimal coverage that protects you in case they make a serious error. You also need clarification about who is responsible for worker injuries that may occur on your property. Coverage by worker compensation insurance takes care of injured workers and insulates you from accident claims.

This means that if your contractor uses day labor, they must be on the contractor’s payroll. Undocumented workers could have a claim against you in case of injury. 

You Don’t Want to Be Your Contractor’s “Biggest Job,” Terrence Schehen Says

You want your electrical contractor to be able to complete your project with ease, Terrence Schehen says. And you certainly don’t want an electrical contractor who needs a large down payment or who asks you to pay for materials yourself.

Post-Pandemic-Will Virtual Concerts Stick Around?

by Robert Thompson Wise Music Group, President

COVID-19 presented challenges unlike any ever imagined for the music industry. Few industries suffered to the extent of live entertainment, which came to a complete standstill. Still needing to reach fans, live music adapted by moving online with live-streamed concerts.

The industry innovated to confront the challenges of not playing live shows and platforms from video games like Fortnight and Minecraft turned into gathering places for virtual concerts. Live streaming services like Brightcove, StreamShark, Twitch, and Dacast are just a few of many names that have been used to reach music fans.

So will virtual and live stream concerts continue to be big post-pandemic as live shows return and skyrocket in attendance?

Robert Thompson says, yes they will. The virtual concert industry generated $600 million in 2020. It opened the door to concert experiences that can be had regardless of where your favorite musician or band might be playing. Consider this, Andrea Bocelli’s live performance from Venice had 30 million viewers on YouTube. Miley Cyrus’ Zombie cover had over 10 million views. Artists reached more people than they ever could and created new fans.

The model is moving to a hybrid, where both the in-person and live stream events happen concurrently. Like you can attend a live sporting event or watch it on TV, music now offers both options.

Is that music festival you’re dying to attend sold out? Robert Thompson asks; would you watch it via live stream for a much-reduced price? Most likely, you will and do so soon. The event gets to expand its reach and bring in more significant revenue, and you still get to see your favorite acts play live from the comfort of your living room.

Due to the reach of live stream concerts, there is no doubt that labels are interested in offering these events as publicity for artist tours or new album drops. If an artist can reach more and more people, it only serves to increase concert ticket sales down the road.

Throughout the ’90s, the Grateful Dead were consistently the highest-grossing band on tour, often bringing in more money than the following several bands or soloists combined. Yet, only the Grateful Dead allowed recording and videos of their concerts. The music industry slowly caught on. Nothing generates show attendance better than people seeing how amazing the show is to experience and wishing they were there. Virtual concerts do just that.

Now that more people are intimate with the experience of virtual concerts, and due to wide adoption by Gen Z, you can expect to continue to see them flourish. They will become even more prevalent, even post-pandemic. The future of virtual concerts and the benefits they bring to both artists and fans have a bright future ahead.

Haley Zelenka on A New Perspective on Acromegaly

People Who Have Acromegaly Can Lead Meaningful, Fulfilling Lives, Mississippi Attorney Haley Zelenka Says

Living with any chronic disease can be a trial, Mississippi healthcare and family law attorney Haley Zelenka says, but people who have rare conditions confront a plethora of uniquely difficult challenges. Just getting an accurate condition can take years, and many people who have poorly understood illnesses like Zelenka’s acromegaly struggle with loneliness and isolation.

But some people with rare, challenging conditions learn how to overcome them and live great lives.

Many people who have acromegaly, a chronic condition caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland in the brain, suffer a baffling variety of symptoms. The classic symptoms of acromegaly are continued growth of the hands, feet, tongue, and nose after adulthood. The growth that doesn’t quit can cause problems with vision, breathing during sleep, taste, and coordination.

Acromegaly also changes appearances in many of the people who have it. Add to these problems complications such as the increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, goiter, and precancerous growths in the colon.

Acromegaly is used to presage an early death. But with modern treatments, most people who have acromegaly can expect a normal life expectancy. Some people with acromegaly can live very meaningful lives even with their disease.

Haley Zelenka is a native of the Gulf Coast. She currently lives in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Ms. Zelenka earned a bachelor’s degree in English at Mississippi State University and her JD from the University of Mississippi. Zelenka devotes most of her professional energies to her work as Vice President and General Counsel of Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, but before she went into healthcare law, she was an attorney for the Eighth Chancery Court District of Mississippi. The chancery court, among other things, hears cases involving adoption and family matters. She developed a passion for child advocacy. She remains close to the families she helped adopt children.

One of the social workers who knows Haley Zelenka professionally described her this way:

‘Haley is both passionate and compassionate. Moreover, she is ridiculously smart. You couldn’t have a better lawyer in your corner.”

She carried that same passion and comparison to her service on the inaugural Board of Directors of the Acromegaly Community.

Haley was diagnosed with acromegaly while she was still in college, in 2002. The Acromegaly Community came along in 2005. It offers a variety of services to the 2800 people living with the condition in the United States.

It takes an average of 10 years for the average acromegaly patient to get an accurate diagnosis. The Acromegaly Community helps people get an accurate diagnosis and gives them information on surgery, radiation, medication, and how to pay for them. Most importantly, The Acromegaly Community helps its members find the emotional, financial, and physical resources to live with their condition.

In her spare time, Haley is also a pet parent to two rescue cats and keeps up with six nieces and nephews.